Clerk, Anne Hill (Gwynedd)

    The purpose of the Worship & Ministry committee is to deepen the spiritual life throughout Abington Quarter.  Members of the committee rotate visits to the 9 Monthly Meetings and 2 Worship Groups to share worship and conversation, and to offer support and clearness if it is requested. 
    The Committee has presented several workshops, bringing together all the Monthly Meetings in the Quarter to share experiences and spiritual insights with one another.  

*AQM-Abington Quarterly Meeting  

    After being inactive for a number of years, the committee was re-formed in 2006 to act as a Friendly presence to provide spiritual support to Cheltenham MM.
    At the time, Cheltenham MM was moving toward the decision to lay their Monthly Meeting down.  AQM Worship & Ministry has continued to be a vital and active committee since that time.