11/1/2012  Jim Fitzgerald (Abington MM) New Recording Secretary for AQM
    Jim Fitzgerald began his service as Recording Secretary for Abington Quarterly Meeting at this past month's Quarterly Meeting on October 7th at Horsham MM.  Thanks Jim.
10/27/2012  Kathy Singer (Abington MM) resigns position as Abington Quarter Coordinator

    For personal financial reasons and with sadness, I am resigning my position as the Abington Quarter Coordinator.  I have been offered a full time position as a library/media specialist in a public school district and will begin work there in November, 2012.   

    The job of Coordinator is a position that combines the best of both the secular world of employment and the spiritual vocation that I feel called to.  I have truly enjoyed the work I have been able to accomplish to bring Abington Quarter members and monthly        meetings closer together through visits, the AQ Newsletter, the website, committee meetings, and conversations with individual Friends.  I feel happy to be leaving the Quarter in a good place for the next Coordinator to take what has been started and to continue to develop the position according to the needs expressed by Monthly Meetings and members of Abington Quarter. 

    I especially thank the wonderful people who served on the AQ Coordinator support and nurture group.  This group has met regularly with me to review and reflect on many situations within the Quarter.  They have given me valuable guidance on questions about the position of Coordinator, and where they and their monthly meetings felt movement was needed to increase communication, clarity, and growth in Abington Quarter.  I am also indebted to the Friends who worked so hard to initiate planning for a Coordinator, and who developed a vision, job description, and funding for the position.  Thank you. 

 9/28/2012  Jack Schick (Richland MM) has articles in 9/2012 and 12/2012 Friends Journal
        Jack has lead articles in both the September and December issues of Friends Journal (2012). The Sept. article outlines nuances and little known facts about the history of slavery in Pennsylvania from early colonial times through 1865 with a focus on Friends involvement. 
    The December issue will contain an article where Jack describes the outcome of this year's dilemma of the meeting house Christmas tree. 
    "We settled this year's Christmas tree problem at meeting for business Sunday afternoon.  It wasn't as big of a "whoopde-do" as some of us expected it to be.  When the smoke cleared, we decided to....               
    Unfortunately, you will have to wait until December to know the outcome!
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9/25/2012  Congratulations to Byberry Monthly Meeting
        Byberry Monthly Meeting will be inducted into the Northeast Philadelphia "Hall of Fame" in a ceremony on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM.  Location: Education & Technology Center building at Holy Family University, 9801 Grant Avenue, Phila., PA  19114.  
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