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    Wanda Wyffels
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    Ann Dillard
    Dan Turner (alt)
Administrative Coordinator
    Loretta Fox

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*First Day Worship
    10:00 am-11:00 AM 
    Summer Worship
        (only June-Aug)
    new schedule to be announced in May of 2019

First Day School for
    Adults / Children
    10 am-11 am - supervised play time for ages 5 to 10
     11:15 - noon
Adults - program time
Children - 1st day school

*First Days are Sundays

    The first Friends Meeting in the Abington area  was held in 1683, in the home of Richard Wall in what is now Elkins Park.  Through the gift of John Barnes, the present grounds were acquired in 1697 for the use of a Friends Meeting house and a Friends school.
    The first meeting house was completed in 1702 and rebuilt in 1786.  Additions were made in 1797, 1928 &1966.
            Abington Friends School is under the care of Abington Monthly Meeting.