Home and Care Administrator
Rebecca Cratin (Plymouth), 215-542-8738, rhcratin@cratin.com 

Home and Care Clerk
Bonnie Miller (Plymouth)
Home and Care Assistant Clerk
Al Hubbs (Gwynedd)

    The Home & Care Committee is responsible for making decisions with respect to assistance from three Funds for members of Abington Quarter. 

    Every Monthly Meeting has representation on the Home and Care Committee.  These representatives are responsible for maintaining good communication with Overseers of Monthly Meetings with regard to those who may be in need of financial support.    

MEETINGS: Second Monday of January, April, July, and October, 1:00 pm at Foulkeways.

BROCHURE: Tri-fold brochure describing Home & Care and the services is available through the committee, or...

View the Brochure (or print it), click HERE
Descriptions of Funds

*Enabling Fund
Provides financial assistance to Abington Quarter members of all ages.

*The General Fund for Aging
Supports elderly members of Abington Quarter, wherever they reside.

*Spruance Fund
For members of Abington Quarter residing at Foulkeways.

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