1101 DeKalb Pike
Gwynedd, PA  19454     

Phone Number 

    Carol Ritting
AQ Meeting Representatives
    Art D'Adamo
Ron Inskeep (alt)
Office Manager
    Rochelle Tormollen

*First Day Worship
    9:30-10:30 AM
First Day School 
 - for Children  
    9:50-10:45 AM 
 - for Adults
    10:45- 11:45 AM

Meeting for Business
        Third First Day
    10:45 AM

*First Days are Sundays 

    The Meeting was founded in 1699 by Friends who came from Wales. The first meeting house was built in 1700; the second one in 1712; the third and present one in 1823. 
    In 1998 the community room was expanded and remodeled to provide more space for a kitchen, a pleasant space for fellowship and more classrooms. The names of Lincoln, Hanks, and Boone, ancestors of Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Boone, appear on the early records as members of the Meeting, although not residents of the Township. For many years, a school was conducted; at present there is a pre-school and kindergarten.

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