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    In 1675, the four Walton brothers arrived in Newcastle, Delaware. They followed the Delaware River nearly fifty miles to the Poquessing Creek and settled on land that reminded them of their home near Bibury, England. 
    In 1683, the Walton brothers and a few other Friends met at the home of John Hart and established Byberry Meeting. In 1694, a log cabin was built on the corner of land given to the Meeting for a burial ground. Worship was held in this cabin until 1714 when a substantial stone building was erected. 
    The present meeting house was built in 1808. The Byberry schoolhouse is also on the grounds where School was held under the care of the meeting from 1720-1918 and more recently a nursery school operated for 25 years.
    The second floor of the school houses the Byberry library with exhibits gathered by the Byberry Philosophical Society.