We are a group of eleven Quaker monthly meetings and worship groups in and northwest of Philadelphia, PA.
    We have activities, services, and spiritual enrichment for all ages. 

Abington Quarterly Meeting

Please see our Year End Newsletter for highlights of the 10/5/2014 Quarterly Meeting
of the "Picnic" Meeting at Fellowship Farm
on First day,

About 60 friends were present. After an interval of worship we approved minutes from the 5/4 meeting at Plymouth, and approved a minute of appreciation for Mike Mrozinski for his seven-year service as our clerk. Then Tom Rei reported on the Abington Quarter Meeting Fund. Requests for 2014 amount to less than half of this year's 16K available income. Friends are reminded that the AQM Fund is available for projects approved and submitted (w/ application, budgets & timelines) by their monthly meetings.

Programs to promote Abington Quarter would be excellent uses of The Fund. It was noted that Bucks Quarter has a “Quaker in a Box” promotional program, which it presented in a  workshop at Yearly Meeting. A document about how to promote our meetings was mentioned and will be posted on this website as soon as it is available. Information about matching grants from the AQM Fund to monthly meetings that want to run promotional programs can be obtained from tom.peterson.quakertown@gmail.com

Earlier this year Steve Redding volunteered to audit the trees at each meeting; thus far he has audited four meetings' properties. He asks no fee for this service; there is no obligation to hire his own company for any work he recommends; he only asks his travel and printing expenses be reimbursed. These likely would be eligible for coverage by the AQMeeting Fund.

Ending Modern Slavery. Jack Schick, Clerk of Richland Meeting, addressed this concern, originally brought up by Margaret Anderson, also of Richland and then discussed at AQ's representative meeting which approved bringing it forward to the Quarter. Margaret is a member of the Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking. This is the fastest growing invisible criminal activity in the country; it exists in our local communities even though we may not aware of it. While victims typically are immigrants, run-away children and teens also are victimized. Some are compelled to work in cleaning and maintenance services, or factories where they earn less than minimum wage. Others  serve as prostitutes or in illegal drug distribution. Margaret spoke about some recent actions to counteract Human Trafficking and then Jack read Richland Meeting’s minute on the subject and encouraged the Quarter to adopt a similar one. More important than a minute, he said, is raising community awareness of Modern Slavery.

AQM Nominating Committee  We approved  our members Rebecca Cratin, Christine Greenland, Kelly Green and Kathy Singer to serve on this new AQM standing committee.

 Announcements were read. Then Friends happily picnicked from noon to about 2 pm. Many of us brought our own food and there were additional hot dogs on the grill and some of us provided a variety of drinks, salads, sides and desserts...including watermelon! The Fellowship Farm animals were out in force, eager for the apples that came their way. Our young friends spent much of their time in the pool,  Overall, for  a cloudy day we had a really good turn-out, and a good time too!


Our next Quarterly Meeting is on May 3rd  - at Abington
please save the date !!

Next Representative Meeting is   June 7th  - at Unami
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   Worship with Us
    (Meeting for Worship times
 - on Sundays, except as noted
All are welcome. 
    9:30-10:30 AM
    Abington (summer only - outdoors)

    10:00-11:00 AM
    Byberry (summer only)
    10:30-11:30 AM
    11:00-12:00 Noon
Byberry (except summer)
        (Meets 2nd & 4th Sundays)
    11:15 AM-12:15 PM  
    Abington (also has mid-wk MFW
      on Wednesdays, 7 to 7:45pm and
      two 1st day meetings in summer:
      one at 9:30, the other at 11:15)
    Plymouth (also has mid-wk MFW
         on Wednesdays, 7pm)
    Meetings for Worship to attend to business are held four times a year. These
gatherings include worship, business, programs, & multi-generational fellowship.

The Quarter is in need of a recording clerk
The position is to record minutes and the sense of our quarterly representative meetings and our Quarter's meeting for worship for business.
Please contact:  Kelly Green
128 Oakdale Ave. Eagleville Pa. 19403
home phone 610 539 0829   cell 610 331 5548

Amelia Diamond, Clerk of the Quarter
email contact:  aediamond7@gmail.com
phone:  215 677-2868
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