We are a group of eleven Quaker monthly meetings and worship groups in and northwest of Philadelphia, PA.
    We have activities, services, and spiritual enrichment for all ages. 

Abington Quarterly Meeting

Highlights of the 10/4/15
AQ Meeting at Norristown

  Twenty seven Friends from 9 of the Quarter's 11 meetings/worship groups were on hand.

     Amelia Diamond reported the newly named members of AQM Trustees: Byberry - Helen File (3rd term);  Upper Dublin - Joe Uknalis to follow David Bartholomew: Richland - Joan Eyre to follow Tom Peterson.

     Rebecca Emerson, President of the Trustees, gave of the AQM Trustees’ Annual Report. The Trustees' investment committee has recommended placing another half a million dollars in Friends Fiduciary's Quaker Green fund, at a projected income of 3.5%. This fund has socially responsible guidelines and no petroleum investments. The report also describes the work of the Auditors, who note that Bob Reiff, AQM treasurer, is doing a thorough job. Rebecca said the Trustees considered whether we should change auditors as a regular practice, but for now they decided to stay with the current group. The Trustees' nominating committee recommended and the trustees approved a new slate of officers for the Trustees.

     Bob Reiff was not able to attend so Amelia distributed the 6/30/2015 AQM Receipts and Distributions schedule that Bob had prepared, and described the ins and outs as she understood them. This schedule together with the Treasurer's report is filed with the minutes.

     Nancy Gold reported for the Home & Care Committee, which has full representation from the nine meetings of the Quarter. Alice Wetherill has asked to step down from the committee but has agreed to continue in the role of consultant to HCC's executive committee. Nancy proposed a minute of appreciation for Alice's many years of dedicated service; this was approved with expressions of thanks. Two new members have joined HCC this year.  A new criteria for applicants requesting help from the HCC is being implemented. No longer will applicants need to identify as "Members in good standing." The new language will ask if  applicants have been "active and positive participants in their Meetings for at least three years."

     Bob Sloan gave a report about Abington Monthly Meeting’s installation of a  "Memorial to the Lost" at the corner of Jenkintown and Meetinghouse Roads. This is a traveling exhibit sponsored by “Heeding God’s Call”, an interfaith organization dedicated to opposing gun violence. The Memorial is comprised of 50 t-shirts mounted on frames in graveyard formation, each t-shirt representing a victim of gun violence and personalized with the name of the victim, the age of the victim, and date of his or her death. Abington installed this on 9/26 and it will stay up for 3 weeks. Then it will be available to be moved to another meeting or church that wishes to show support.

     Karen Shanoski (Norristown MM) reported on the work of the ad hoc committee for the Quarter’s compliance with Pennsylvania's latest Child Safety laws. The ad hoc committee has recommended that AQM: 1) approve a policy and procedure similar to PYM’s;  2) pay for mandated clearances and appropriate training of staff for events and activities sponsored by the Quarter; and 3) make training available at the quarterly level for monthly meetings. The proposed policy would address pastoral care of individuals involved should any incident be reported. Each monthly Meeting is encouraged to review and discuss the proposed policy and procedures and be prepared to approve it (or not) at the next Abington Quarterly Meeting.

     Finally, Karen gave a report on our Junior and Middle School Friends Conferences which were held at George School June 13- 21 with the theme “In Our Hands”. 23 children attended Junior Friends Conference and 11 participated in Middle School Friends Conference. In preparation for this year’s conferences the staff had to obtain State mandated clearances. Karen facilitated the process and AQM paid for the clearances. She described the activities at the conferences in some detail, and it was clear that our young friends had a wonderful experience. The clerk thanked Karen for her dedication and leadership.


Our next Quarterly Meeting is
at Richland MM
February 7th

Next Representative Meeting is   March 6th  - at Byberry
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