We are a group of eleven Quaker monthly meetings and worship groups in and northwest of Philadelphia, PA.
    We have activities, services, and spiritual enrichment for all ages.  
Abington Quarterly Meeting
Highlights of our MFW with a concern for business on
2nd month 2nd day 2014

Principal topics considered

Karen Shanoski reported plans for the Quarter's 2014 Youth Conferences. Both JFC and MSFC will be held June 22nd thru 27th at George School. Each monthly meeting has its own formula for sharing the costs with parents. Karen plans to send out invitations & publicity to all parents in the Quarter with eligible children (2nd-6th grade for JFC; 7th & 8th grade for MFSC) by mid-February. She needs a list of eligible kids from each monthly meeting, right away !

Term Renewals for Tom Armstrong from Plymouth Meeting and Robert Taylor from Abington Meeting to continue as 
Representatives to AQM Trustees were approved:

Amelia Diamond of Abington Meeting agreed to be nominated to serve as clerk of AQM beginning in 2015. We will season  this nomination and  it will be on the agenda for approval at our next meetng.

We discussed the possibility of a new AQM committee for social concerns. No action was taken, but it seemed clear that while larger meetings have their own social concerns committees, smaller meetings might benefit from a Quarterly committee for this purpose.

Steve Redding, professional arborist, of Richland volunteered to survey monthly meeting properties to advise on tree care and needs. AQM approved of Steve's leading, and we are encouraged to advise our property committees about his offer..

For a more detailed account of the 2/14 meeting, see the current Newsletter
Current Concerns from Recent AQM Meetings
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Our next Quarterly Meeting is at Plymouth on May 2nd - please save the date !!
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    9:30-10:30 AM

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    10:30-11:30 AM
    11:00-12:00 Noon
        (Meets 2nd & 4th Sundays)
    11:15 AM-12:15 PM  
    Abington (also has mid-wk MFW
         on Wednesdays, 7 to 7:45pm)
    Plymouth (also has mid-wk MFW
         on Wednesdays, 7pm)
    Meetings for Worship to attend to business are held four times a year. These
gatherings include worship, business, programs, & multi-generational fellowship.   
Mike Mrozinski, Clerk,
267.235.8745 or mikemenski@gmail.com
(Mike has announced that he is stepping down at the end of 2014 and so this gives us something to think about pending more specific consideration of the topic at upcoming Quarterly Meetings)
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